Part 1: My Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition Experience


The key to teaching a great workshop, I’ve found, is to PRACTICE what I will be teaching. Once co-creator Dan and I had decided to combine our two different painting techniques with our energy work to create the Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition workshop, we knew we needed to do a ‘dry run’ before teaching students. For the past couple months we have been taking ourselves through the workshop process we created. I wanted to share my experience here.

So far I have worked through four layers, or four emotions. Each time, I intuitively choose a color, a symbol, and an emotion. While I paint the symbol onto the canvas, I am using energy clearing techniques to work through any memories and/or issues that arise associated with that emotion.

For the first layer the color was yellow, the symbol was a crescent, and the emotion was ecstasy. I absolutely love that ecstasy came up for the first layer because I was so excited to begin the workshop process. I was also feeling pretty stoked to have been a part of creating something that would help people by combining intuitive painting and energy work for deep healing. Here’s what my canvas looked like after the first session:


Once the color, symbol, and emotion were decided on I asked my Spirit or Higher Self to show me where to paint; this what ended up on the canvas. As I was painting I found that many feelings came up around being expected to always be ecstatic about things, in other words forced excitement. This I call ‘programming’, which is something accepted as the truth when it actually isn’t the truth. Using the techniques we will teach in class, I went ahead and let it all go. Clearing that programming felt like I’d pulled the plug on the bathtub drain and all the water (aka stored programming) around ecstasy totally left my aura/energy field and body. I felt like I’d left some of my baggage behind, because I HAD released that baggage.

Completing this first session and working through this first layer of emotion left me wondering what would come up next time. Which color would go on top of the yellow? Which emotion was I going to choose next time?

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8 thoughts on “Part 1: My Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition Experience

  1. Hi Lar, I’m glad i took time to read your blog. Honestly it is very deep thought stuff which is another level of reflection that most people don’t make time for… myself included. Your blog is thought provoking, and I like that. I also find the art part interesting. I can see the therapy side to something like this. Usually when I(spray) paint its to transform something or give it a new personality, different ?yes… maybe? but still therapy in a way.
    The programmed idea is probably true for most, but is this a bad thing? I vulnerably admit to being programmed… but I actually feel that it has helped me stay positive and deal with some tough things.
    I hope to read more of your stuff. Love you and all your emotions! Thanks for sharing.

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