Part 2: My Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition Experience

In preparation for teaching Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition, co-creator Dan and I took ourselves through the workshop process. The workshop is an eight part series during which students will practice using their intuition as they paint their way through different emotions. Here is my account of the experience, shared in eight parts that will each highlight a different session or layer/emotion that I worked on. To read about Part 1 click here.

Part 2:

As I painted I again used the energy clearing techniques we will teach in class to release distraction from my aura and body. Whew! There was a HUGE amount stored in almost all of my body. It felt confusing to release it, as distraction is my main defense mechanism that I rely on and apparently find comfort in. I found myself unwilling to release it completely, and went with that since I was practicing using my intuition. Well, that came back to haunt me later in the week after my painting session. It’s like I created more distraction! So after about five days of distraction after distraction I went back into meditation to clear the remaining distraction energy.


What I realized is that I actually had a soul contract with the energy of distraction. A soul contract is an agreement your soul made before you were born. These agreements encompass all of the learning and lessons your soul chose to be exposed to throughout this lifetime; this includes experiences and relationships you have agreed to have with yourself and other souls. I asked to clairvoyantly see my contract with distraction and saw that for me distraction equals comfort zone. Well that won’t work anymore; I don’t want to spend time being distracted–I want to spend my time doing the things I love that set my soul on fire. So I energetically voided that soul contract and rewrote another one that said “Kalli finds comfort in action and progress.” Pop went the bubble! The energetic release felt incredible. (For any soul contracts that arise for students during the workshop, Dan and I will assist in clearing and re-writing them to better suit your current goals and desires.)

It’s been about a month since I did this, and I’ve already noticed that I’m more focused and less distracted which feels amazing. My efficiency has definitely increased since letting go of the distractions. Not to say I don’t still get distracted, I just don’t spend days being distracted or creating distraction.

Check back soon for Part 3!

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