Part 3: My Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition Experience

In preparation for teaching Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition, co-creator Dan and I took ourselves through the workshop process. The workshop is an eight part series during which students will practice using their intuition as they paint their way through different emotions. Here is my account of the experience, shared in eight parts that will each highlight a different session or layer/emotion that I worked on. To begin the story with Part 1 click here. Find Part 2 here!

Part 3:

For the third painting session, trust was chosen as the emotion with a dark grass green color and a beam musical note as the symbol. Dan and I found it fitting that we chose trust on the same day that we published our event information and began selling tickets. It was like our spirit guides had stepped forward to tell us to trust the process of putting ourselves out there by sharing this workshop with others. I sure love when Spirit steps in like that.



Once I began painting, I found myself looking at the energy of trust in many different ways. Do I freely trust or does it have to be earned? Is trust always given completely or partially? I found that I’m stingy giving out trust to people, but very trusting of information I receive psychically. A realization hit me that sometimes trusting is a messy business; that is when I painted the ‘messy’ beam note symbols that look like they’ve been frazzled or blown up.  Then I began to paint the individual circles and lines that made up the beam note separately, which represented the energy of broken trust that I had stored in my body. Wowzers! It felt like all the times I’d been betrayed or lied to was stored right in my abdomen and I was wearing that energy as a shield to protect myself from future occurrances of broken trust. This wasn’t too surprising, seeing as how the third chakra that relates to personal power and boundaries is located right there. Time to release those old memories and that old energy so I let it all go. It felt like I’d dropped a one ton anvil and physically could even breathe deeper which was amazingly refreshing. This session turned out to be an excellent learning and releasing time for me.

As always, I immediately began to wonder what would come up during the next painting session. Check out my recap on Part 4 here.

For more information about the Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition workshop click here. Read Part 1 here!  Find Part 2 here!

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