July Penn Cove Land Healing Recap

On Saturday, July 15th, 2017 two healers and I went up for a second Penn Cove Land Healing. This turned into another extremely moving and beneficial healing for both the land and myself. Even though I have done a handful of land healings over the past year, I still don’t expect to receive so much out of them.


The day began with a quick ride over to Whidbey Island on the Tokitae ferryboat. I loved that we rode over on the Tokitae, it was like she was blessing the healing with her presence. Tokitae, or more commonly known by her show name Lolita, is the last remaining survivor of the orcas captured from Penn Cove in the 1970’s. She currently resides in a jail cell tank at the Miami Sequarium, thousands of miles away from her mother and family that swim free in the Pacific Ocean. She sure made her presence known during this healing, from sending us her ferryboat to connecting with one of the other healers during the event.


Before the healing began, I once again found a spot on the dock off the Coupeville Wharf. There’s just something about being on the water while offering it healing that draws me out there. Once I settled in, I lit my offering which was a mixture of sage, impepu (South African sage), and sweetgrass. Lately when I’ve worked on land healings, I’ve been guided to burn things and offer the ashes as my gift to the land and water. I ask the land what it wants, which is how I came to bring that combination of things to burn for this healing.


As I was working, I saw a blob float up from underneath the dock. Soon, another blob appeared. At first I thought it was garbage, but once the blobs floated closer to the surface I saw that it was a pair of jellyfish! This was so timely, as I’d read a poem about jellyfish on the drive up by Lorna Crazier. This was the first verse:

Cauls of the moon

pulled from the sky

at high tide, cauls from blue

newborn babies

who never had the chance

to breathe.

This immediately brought to mind the orca calves that were killed during the captures, and the ones that died afterwards. Thinking of breathing itself, brought to mind the differences between an orca breathing in the ocean compared to breathing in a tank. “Pulled from the sky”…or pulled from the ocean in this case. Jellyfish medicine or symbolism is centered around acceptance, faith, allowing people to see who you truly are, trusting yourself, and following your instincts. All things I have personally been working on lately.


I soon had a chance to allow strangers to see who I really was. As I was working and burning the sages, several people asked me what I was doing. Now, this happened last time and I simply replied “meditating”, which wasn’t a lie but also wasn’t the whole truth. This time, I said “doing a land healing”, which was scary and exciting and REALLY what I was doing. The responses were all positive; a few thanked me, a few asked more questions. I loved interacting with the curious passersby and sharing my work. Another chance to step out of hiding that was for sure.

Initially, I was primarily focused on the water and the ties it has to the creatures and land. I cleared many symbols (which is an efficient way to clear old or stuck energy) around the connections. This led to working on the ties that the mother orcas had and still have to their deceased calves. After clearing more symbols, I was then guided to work on the corpses of the orcas that were sunk in the cove. The calves that were killed in the process of the captures had their mouths filled with rocks and sewn shut, they were then sunk to the bottom of the cove. Oh man could I relate to that–deliberately weighing myself down so that I could hide. Over the past 15 years I have steadily gained weight in an attempt to hide. Talking with one of the other healers afterwards, she shared that she was guided to help release these orca souls from the bottom of the cove and I LOVE that that’s exactly where I’m at on my path. I’ve been working hard over the past two years to release the desire to hide and the reasons that cause me to want to hide in the first place. I love how Spirit works, winding and weaving until I am in the exact right place at the exact right time to have a huge breakthrough.


Heading home later that day, I realized that even though we were just a group of three healers, we still made a difference. On the Tokitae ride back to the mainland, we talked about how each of us had changed since we woke up earlier that day. I supposed that’s what healing is all about–moving through experiences that were painful to find the beauty in the healing and growth on the other side.


Until next time,


For more information about the next scheduled Penn Cove Land Healing event, click here. To read the recap of the first event, click here.

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