How did I become the web master?

Somehow, when the gals from University Place Center for Energy Medicine (UPCEM) and I were deciding business roles, I fell into the roll of web master. Me? Web master? Okay….



I’ve built a web site before. I think that’s how I became web master. When I ran my cooking and canning class business I created a beautiful web site full of delicious menus and gorgeous pictures of fresh food. On Yahoo. In 2008. “Back then” you just paid the $9.95 per month and everything that had to do with my web site was taken care of. Easy peasy lemon squeeze-y.

My web site building work station, amongst the art supplies and Beanie Boos.


Not so in 2017! Now you have to worry about not only your web site but also a Facebook page, an Instagram page, Pinterest and Twitter accounts and probably more that I’m still not aware of. Web hosting and domain control can apparently be two different and separate services… who knew?! (Not me!) Do I really want the .org, .biz, .whatever else there is versions of my site? (No, I do not.) Privacy registering… look up what that is… oh YES I definitely want that! So many options, things have become a bit more complex in the past nine years in the area of web site creation and management. I finally decided on using WordPress because it seemed like the best, least complicated option. It took me a few days and a few lost web pages to figure out how to use the WordPress system, but once I had it down things moved right along.

I have found it quite fun to create this web site from thin air. It didn’t exist, then I started typing and uploading pictures, and now it does exist. So simple! Mostly simple. I did struggle at times figuring out how to word things and how to convey all that I’d like my business to offer. Had to work through some perfectionism and unrealistic expectations along the way, but have enjoyed the process so far.

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